The appropriate handling of grievances creates an open, trustworthy organisational culture and reduces reputational and financial risks.

Avoiding grievances

Our preventive services ensure that a clear distinction is made between desirable and undesirable conduct. We raise awareness among employees and superiors and make them aware of what their responsibilities are. This gives them confidence in how to proceed in the event of undesirable conduct.

Our services help you to ensure compliance with the legal obligations and to establish structures and processes that increase the willingness to report grievances.

Regulations and processes

We develop or revise codes of conduct, regulations and instructions in relation to grievances and illegal or unethical behaviour. We review, revise and support the implementation of internal processes and structures as well as the establishment of appropriate channels and points for reporting grievances.

Training and workshops

We train and raise awareness among your employees, leaders and HR managers.

Identifying grievances

Systems for managing grievances are only effective if people report illegal and unethical behaviour as soon as they become aware of it. Only in this way can those responsible process reports internally and thereby protect their company.

Anonymous reporting channels and external reporting points motivate employees, suppliers, partners and others to express and report their concerns.

Reporting point

In addition to the internal contacts, we offer an external, independent point for receiving reports of grievances. When a report is submitted, we gather facts, make an initial legal assessment and formulate recommendations for action. We then forward the case to the company’s in-house contacts.

Handling grievances

If grievances are reported, the people responsible are consulted. Specific knowledge is required to process these reports in a legally compliant and sensible way. As an external partner, we provide you with advice and investigate the reported grievances.


We advise you on how to proceed in a professional and legally compliant way when potential grievances are reported.


We carry out an efficient and interdisciplinary investigation of grievance reports. Our investigations include a professional assessment of the facts. We also present you with options for dealing with the people involved and adapting the organisation to avoid future grievances.